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WVBSS vacuum breaker is used on heat exchangers, air coils, jacketed kettles, pressing machines, boiler feed water tanks, sparge systems, water lines or anywhere else an unwanted vacuum may occur. The WVBSS allows air to enter the steam or liquid system in order to 'break the vacuum' caused by the condensing of steam or draining of liquid from a system. Eliminating vacuum is necessary to allow for proper drainage of liquid from process systems.
How it works:
The vacuum breaker functions like a simple check valve. Outside air is permitted to enter the system through the vacuum breaker, however, when steam or water try to escape, the vacuum breaker closes off tightly.
All Stainless Steel Construction
Small & Compact
Body: Stainless Steel
Internals: Stainless Steel
Nameplate: Stainless Steel
Vacuum Breaker Dimensions
Air Capacities:
2 hg vacuum: 2.4 scfm
4 hg vacuum: 3.4 scfm
6 hg vacuum: 4.0 scfm
8 hg vacuum: 4.3 scfm
10 hg vacuum: 4.7 scfm
12 hg vacuum: 4.9 scfm
Unit must be installed in a vertical position and should be placed at the highest point in the system.



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