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Heat Exchanger:

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Shell and Tube: oil water coolers, stainless steel, fuel oil pre heaters, steam, high pressure applications, farm equipment.

Food and Beverage:
  Shell and Tube: Ammonia exchangers, condensers, stainless steel, tank heaters, farm equipment.

  Shell and Tube: chilled water, district or zone heating, HVAC or process heating, steam.
Marine Applications:
  Shell and Tube: Bearing lubricating systems, diesel engine lube oil systems, engine jacket water/glycol, fluid power systems, gasoline engine lube oil systems, gearbox lube oil cooling, process heating and cooling, hydraulic systems, hydraulic winches, lube oil coolers, pump & comressor colers, standby diesel JWC, LOC.
Compressor Cooling:
  Shell and Tube: cooling applications including pump & compressor coolers.

Petrochemical: Processing & Refining:
  Shell and Tube: chemical process heaters & coolers, electric hot oil systems, gas cooler, lube oil coolers, pump & compressor coolers, stainless steel, tank heaters.
  Shell and Tube: pharmaceutical applications, HX high polish pharm design, stainless steel.

Power Generation :
  Shell and Tube: Bearing water / oil coolers, diesel engine lube oil systems, fuel gas heater, gearbox lube oil cooling, generator coolers, gland steam condensors, transformer oil coolers.
Metals and Mining:
  Shell and Tube: bearing lubricating systems, centrifugals.
  Shell and Tube: ammonia exchangers.
Pulp and Paper:
  Shell and Tube: stainless steel, steam heaters, steam pans, tank heaters.
Original Equipment Manufacture:
  Shell and Tube heat exchangers for resell / OEM applications.
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