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Stainless Steel Shell and Tube:

Pharmaceutical Exchanger

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Stainless steel heat exchangers that meet hygienic and pharmaceutical industry requirements for clean-ability and surface finish.

All pharmaceutical grade exchangers include sanitary connections on the process side as well as USP Class VI O-Rings. Surface areas that come in contact with product can include optional electro-polishing to as low as 10 Ra to minimize corrosion and increase sanitary performance.

Double Tubesheet designs are available, all exchangers are 100% drain-able.

Sanitary / Pharmaceutical Applications:
Ultra Pure Water
Pure Steam
Blood, plasma or growth media
API or formulated pharmaceuticals
Codes and Standards:
ASME Code VIII Div 1
3-A Standards and Practices
BPE (Bioprocessing Equipment)

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BEU, BEM, BEP Stainless steel shell & tube heat exchangers for sanitary 3A applications.
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Complete line of stainless steel shell & tube heat exchangers for new applications and interchangeable replacement products for other manufacturers
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