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BEU ExchangerBEU Heat Exchanger   The BEU heat exchanger is the ideal choice for heating or cooling low-fouling fluids.
Typical process fluids include water, CIP solutions, milk and beverages.

The U-Tube bundle is attached to a single tubesheet, allowing the tubes to expand and contract freely under the influence of temperature variations. The BEU exchanger is the preferred design when the temperature difference between tube-side and shell-side fluids is high (for instance when the steam is the heating medium).

The tube bundle is removable and allows cleaning of the outside surfaces of the tubes. In the case of tube failure, a replacement bundle that is easily installed into the existing shell assembly can be suppled.

The BEU exchanger is generally an economical design as only one tubesheet and waterbox are required.

BEU exchangers are manufactured in a wide range of sizes. Each standard BEU meets the latest 3-A Standard and Practice requirements. Our engineers are also available to design custom BEU heat exchangers meeting your sanitary, pharmaceutical or industrial requirements.

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