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BEP Exchanger
BEP Exchanger

Like the BEM design, the BEP heat exchanger has straight tubes; however, one of the tubesheets is of the floating type (it is not fixed to the shell but separated from it by an O-ring). This design allows the tube bundle to expand and contract under the influence of severe temperature differentials.

THe BEP design is recommended for applications where the mechanical cleaning of the tubes inner surface is required and where a high temperature difference exists between the tube-side and shell-side media.

With the BEP design, steam may be used as the heating medium.

Typical applications of the BEP exchagner include the heating or cooling of high-viscosity and high-fouling fluids with particulates.

As the tube bundle of the BEP exchanger is not removable, the shell-side fluid must be non-fouling.

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